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Mystic Tarot Wisdom



Self Development Courses 

Master Classes 

 Eilyen Feirbairn


Our Self Development courses in mystical tarot tuition helps you to answer searching questions about your soul purpose, career issues, partnership issues, relationship with family and friends.

The history of tarot and its relationship to the Kaballah unfold the subconscious mind to develop a relationship with your conscious mind


To learn tarot can take a long time and for this we have created the learning material into small courses. Introductory/beginners/intermediary/advanced and Master courses


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Self Development Courses are committed to learning the mystical studies of the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life pathways.

You will be studying the sephirah levels to ascend along their spiritual pathway.

You will be studying the 22 Hebrew letters corresponding to the 22 Major Arcana Cards depicted in the pictures of the tarot deck and what the symbols mean.

Meditating is part of the practise.

The learnings include the tarot layouts for career, love and relationships and include the astrological correlation within the meanings of the cards.

There will be written exercises and practise.

Divining processes are studied to progress layouts relating to varyinglife issues such as self realisation, chakra balancing, family relationships, finding love, career communications, career options etc.

The Minor Arcana Cards are studied with their numerological meanings and their element meanings.

Insightful layouts are taught. This leads you to being able to tap into your own guidance and wisdom.

Students have the chance to practise on student models.

We use the Rider Waite Deck 

tarot readings, online readings, personalised readings

The Lovers

The Archangel Raphael stands above the man and the woman and below the sun. On the left isde we see the serpant wrapped around the tree.

A man and woman stand apart with a mountain in the background in between them.

If you wish to develop your intuition and learn about the mystical studies of the Kabbalah


Mystic Tarot Wisdom

North London UK

The first step is the

IntroductoryMystical Tarot Course

Ace Pent, Empress, King of Swords mystical tarot course

Next course: Tuesday, 9th April in N London on Tuesday 7.30pm - 9.30pm 4 week course Within this introductory course you will learn the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana cards of the Rider Waite deck. You will also discover how to expand your intuition and learn some esoteric history on the Kabbalah. you will experience some layouts on self-realisation You can then move onto the longer courses to increase your knowledge and skill sets in developing your guidance to read and answer life questions. You only need a notepad and pen. Notes and layouts are provided. There will be teas and coffee. 

Week 1 History on esoteric studies – Meditation - The Major Arcana Cards.

Week 2 Study the Minor Suit cards of The Pentacles/The Cups Suit - Self Realisation Layout

Week 3 The Sword Suit/The Wand Suit -Meditation - Interpret Career options layout.

Week 4 This is your chance to practise on your friends.

Teacher: Eilyen Cost £90


Call: 07956 55 39 24 or

e-mail [email protected]



Mystical Tarot Course

7.30 - 9.30pm

6 weeks

Here you can learn to develop deeper meanings of the Major and Minor Cards and use extra tools from astrology and crystals.

Develop your psychic ability with Meditation

tarot readings tarot courses Major Arcana Minor Arcana Layouts love

The beginners class will continue with the meanings of the Major and Minor Arcana cards.We practise meditation and expand the intuition with various visualisations to help still the mind in preparation for readings. Various layouts are given to cover career paths, relationship issues, finding love, and life purpose are all covered. We begin to understand there is a lot to learn in the tarot on how to read, how to detach, how to expand your intuition, how to interpret the questions and answers.You will be able to interpret a small layout.As for the Introductory you will need a notepad and pen. All notes and layouts are provided.