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Mystic Tarot Wisdom



Self Development Courses 

Master Classes 

 Eilyen Feirbairn


Allow me to introduce you to the guided meditations,

Currently there are 16 for adults.  

 10 for children.

They have been written to guide you on different aspects of your state of awareness

 and to  provide a space for you to be nurtured and heal. 


 I invite you to join us in taking the journey to stilling your mind and finding comfort in doing so.

one to one sessions may be booked on booking page

If you wish to join the meditation group held on Wednesdays at 11.15am. (please contact me)


1.   Reach to the Higher Realms Meditation - 

     Set your intention for a New Cycle.

2.  Chakra balance Meditation - 

     Harmonise your inner world.

3.  Connect to earth and travel to source -

     Link your roots to source.

4.  A Waterfall meditation -

     A wholly rejuvenating experience.


5.  Nourishing and healing - 

     The Healing pool - on utube by Eilyen Feirbairn

6.  The Sacred Temple -

     Ethereal with healing with crystal energy 

7.  The Inner smile Meditation -

     Love and appreciation.

8.  The Meadow Meditation -

     Grounding and uplifting in Angelic Realms

9.  The Pool Meditation (ideal for those who have difficulty in moving).

      Freeing the body

10.  A Sacred City -

      Ancient recall from Lemuria in modern times 

11.  The Secret Garden -

    Floral and mystical

12. Self Appreciation Meditation -


13.  A Shamanic Meditation -

      Daily protection for building the aura 

14. The Oak Tree Meditation -

     Confidence building 

15. The Ebb and Flow of the Sea Meditation - on utube by Eilyen Feirbairn

      Winding down, dreamy.

16. The Weeping Willow Meditation -

       Feeling Love once more