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Mystic Tarot Wisdom



Self Development Courses 

Master Classes 

 Eilyen Feirbairn



Eilyen's career started from a young age as an Integrated Aroma Healer working in the field of aromatherapy massage, essential oils and which further developed into crystals, chakra balancing, shiatsu, exercise, movement and dance.

Later she developed her Intuitive skills as a Psychic Tarot Consultant and practices with a holistic approach to help with bringing people to their potential abilities in discovering who they are and what their possibilities are. 

Her natural talent to read into the body whilst doing a tarot consultation extended her work into theosophy, astrology, and universal dimensions in the spirit world.

A person's life issues are many and she guides her healing and psychic qualities to empower the person to use their own free will.

Fascinated by the inner conscious repertoire held in every person's being, she became a past life regressionist.  

She is also a Life Coach and calls upon her eclectic skills for the well being of the person.  Running Healing Circles.


2015                  Past Life Regression Therapist and Inner Child Sessions

2014               Theosophy Diploma

2017/2021      Open Healing Circle

2004/8          Tarot Readings and layouts with Annabel Barrington Mitzman

2007               Reiki Seicham Practitioner 1 & 2

2000               NLP Diploma INLPTA

                         Raising one’s levels in Psychic Studies with Nina Ashby

                         Analytical & Creative Therapies (a derivative of NLP)

2000/1            Advanced Sound Wave Energy (Masters 1 & 2)

1999                Dowsing geopathic stress lines – Christopher Strong

Work Experience

2004             Dubai, readings

2005/8         NW6 part time readings and Crouch End Readings

2007             Sothebys party together with 3 other readers

2012              Online readings

2012/3          Mystical Tarot Course

2017/2         Development Spiritual and Healing Circles

                     Member of the Theosophical Society

 London UK