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Mystic Tarot Wisdom

Psychic Tarot Development Training

Master Classes

Psychic Tarot Readings


Phone or Zoom Psychic Reading

Look into your future and gain access to life's important answers

An appointment is required to secure your booking

[email protected]

Pricing Options

20 mins £18


30 mins £28

30 mins

45 mins £42


60 mins £55

Item 4


Mon - Friday

11am - 10pm


12 noon - 10pm

To make your booking please choose the length of time you wish and pay on the button above through paypal

A number will be given to you to call

and the psychic reader will take your call

In view of the financial hit we have lowered our prices to help you during this time

Normally, a 20 minute reading is considered only a taster and can only address one area of your life

The reading is intuitive using clairsentient abilities and a connection is important to establish the link. Tarot Cards are used and a combination of Psychic extra sensory skills

It is government policy to state This reading is for entertainment purposes only.