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Mystic Tarot Wisdom




Master Classes 

 Eilyen Feirbairn




The Benefits in being a Psychic Tarot Reader are:

  1. To use your own guidance.  The ability to earn your own income and in doing so you become a Light Worker using your extra sensory skills in the helping profession.
  2. You can use the tarot as a guide for your friends and family and any questions they may have.

 Training to be a reader develops

your  gift to listen,

  trust in yourself, and with these

 tools helps you

 guide others on their journey

 Learning tarot helps develop your communication skills and deliver guided 

psychic messages.

The training is divided into 3 modules plus 2 sessions with experiential practise on your friends and collaegues.  Once you are trained we hold Master Classes where you have the opportunity to practice with other trained readers.

The Mystic Tarot training has evolved over a number of years and has been an exciting journey.

 We use the Rider Waite deck. 

           As you develop your skills you find you open to new ways of thinking.

This brings about more possibilities in your understanding about people as your learning experience deepens.

You gain a deeper understanding of yourself too.


There are limitless possibilities in being a guide for others 

and being a tarot reader is a 

  magical gift!

The training programme usually operates in small groups.  

Payments can be made for each module, see below with baskets .

What you get :

28 hours of learning over a period of 14 weeks

3 booklets containing the 3 module with comprehensive course notes

You will be working in a small group

plus two practise sessions at the end of the course on friends.

Upon  completion of your assignments you will be awarded a certificate.

You can pay for one mudule at a time or altogether.


If you pay all 3 moduls then the amount is reduced to £450 instead of £520

Below are the other options to pay 

Module 1

Mystic Tarot Training

6 hours  

What the course offers:

You will discover how to expand

 your psychic intuition. 

 You learn how to interprete the Fool's journey with the major Arcana cards.

The Major Arcana Cards hold the key to the 22 pathways in life.

We practice meditation to  develop your senses,  and be guided by your psychic intuition.

  The tarot card meanings  are open for interpretation to impart your guidance.


You are invited  to use the layouts to unfold the stories held there for your interpretation. 

Being aware of this allows you begin to invite change where needed and accordingly take right action with your guidance.

The modules are friendly, supportive,

 sometimes life challenging as perception changes. 

1.   Eilyen supports you throughout your mystical journey.

2.   Interpret the Major Arcana Cards.

3.   The Code and Ethics in Tarot.

4.   Chakra & Tarot Meditation practise.

5.  Layouts which include love, career and relationships.

6.   How to communicate your interpretations using both mindful and compassionate skills.

7.   Practical sessions with friends are invited to support you in your sessions.

8.   Module 1 booklet provided.

9.   Practical Sessions are 3 x 2 hour zoom sessions, plus homework. 

It is best to bring a note pad and pen.

please sign up at least one week before the course commences as numbers are limited.

Please feel free to contact me for any queries you may have.

Module 1


Lively Master Class

A great experience

2 hours on zoom

[email protected]

£5 discount for previous trainees

Master Class

Module 2

Mystic Tarot Training

12 hours

In this Module you will learn about the Minor Arcana Cards

 which include the

 4 elements 

plus the study of numerology 

from  ace to 10.


 Card combinations are studied.

 40 cards are studied

The continuation in developing your psychic ability with Meditation practise continues and is

 followed in learning to interpret 

various layouts.


1. The readings cover the career path, relationship issues, finding love, and life purpose.

We begin to understand the enormity in which the mind works and open to

  esoteric wisdom. 


2. As you transform your potentiality increases.

You are required to acquire self discipline in your non judgmental practice with others using your own integrity. 


3. The sensitivity of the Interpretation is key

It is an art!

4.  6 x 2 hour zoom sessions.

5.  Module 2 booklet with layouts are     provided.

Module 2


Module 3

Mystic Tarot Training

6 hours plus 4 more hours for practise on friends

Module 3 

brings everything together and is the most interesting part of the programme

 because this is where you identify the archetypes

 and find which ones you are.

You  learn:

1.   To create your sacred space.

2.   The archetypes and who you are.

3.  The gate cards.

  The final layouts are practised giving you a choice of several layouts to choose from.

  Practical Sessions are 3 x 2 hour zoom sessions.

   3 layouts are required for homework with their interpretations.

2 extra practise sessions where you can  invite friends to practise on giving you added support for your learning experience.

Module 3